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Interdisciplinar collaboration

Anciela | Spring Summer 24 | London Fashion Week | Show
Anciela Fashion

Anciela | Spring Summer 24 | London Fashion Week | Show

Anciela, a platform deeply rooted in the values of inclusivity, creativity, and sustainability, is delighted to present "Latin Notes." This project represents the culmination of four years of introspection, collaboration, and creative expression. "Latin Notes" is a heartfelt journey that celebrates Contemporary Latinx art, tradition, music, and design while humbly addressing themes like immigration, identity, and our shared responsibility towards the environment. “LATIN NOTES” ANCIELA Spring/Summer 2024 Creative Direction: Jennifer Droguett Espinosa Video Direction and Light Design: Edward Heredia Production: Forta Production Original music composition by Eliana Echeverry and Maracas by Manuel Rangel Live music by Desta French and Viva Msimang (Auka) Styling: Patricia Machado Video Assistant: Lucio Martus Set Design: Juliana Caviedes Movement Director: Anna Alvarez Photography: Kiera Chevell Models: Nikita Nine Yasmin Desta French Lisa Elde Bruk Candy Clay Anqi Viva Eka Makeup: Dan Delgado Makeup assistants: Kelly Mendiola Hannah Davies Anna Maas Sunny Cradock Kamil Swiderek Nails: Left by Aliens by Charlotte Hogben Hair: Mayuko Nakae Hair Assistants: Tsukushi Tomita Kenta uchinokura Yukako matsuda Shunsuke Coordinator Manager Nicola Okafor Back Stage Manager Emma Okafor Sound live: Lucas Polo Sound mix Eliana Echeverry DJ: Bushbby Edited by Edward Heredia Shoes by Rosamund Muir Jacquard Fabric by Alice Timmis Natural dyes by Studio Kuhu Tencel fabrics by Esce-tex & Tencel Lux Deadstock archive fabrics by Artist Allegra Hicks Studio Interns: Maisy Bins and Ana Marques PR: Limitee PR Location: Crypt on the Green Special thanks Justin Hammond, Forta Production, Tony’s, Dalston’s drinks, Dariuz, Monika, Natalia and Eduard
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